Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, We are over a month since the last post, and we have been raining ever since. The control module in the power sunroof on my car got soaked, shorted out, causing the sunroof to open on its own, and then fail. Raining with a sunroof that won’t close. Weee. This has led to the cruise control, interval windshield wiper, rear window wiper, and turn signals all to fail.

This, understandably, means my shop set up is on hold. However, I do have ideas for acquiring motors for the jointer, band saw, and any machines I make. Fun. Of course, by the time I have the shop set up, to write here about, I’ll no longer have time to do the writing. Maybe I need to think this idea through better. 😉


Forgotten Realms

Wow. I had TOTALLY forgotten I’d created this blog so many years ago.

Well, this is going to stay in existence to remind me of past ideas. However if you want to see what I am up to, go to Floatsmyboat.home.blog and see the boat restoration work I am doing.

I think this one will become a blog for my other projects. I am setting up a wood shop, designing and hope to build a 7-sided gazebo, redoing the cabinets in my kitchen, and acting as a lumberjack and sawmill on my property, taking a couple cedar, pine, apple and alder trees down.

The alder will feed my wood shop as I reface my kitchen cabinets. The cedar, I am HOPING to turn into cedar shakes for the gazebo, the pine, we’ll see. Apple, they are small trees so either smoking woods for meats in my 7 foot tall stainless steel smoker, or small wood projects.

The huge stainless smoker is another project on the ways, as I take a large proofing oven from the local grocery store (scored THAT for free) into a smoker. I want to make a stand-off fire box with underground flue to the smoker as an old-fashioned smoke house would have had. Then, since the smoker is divided, have a cold half, for bacon and cheese smoking, and a hot side for ribs, brisket, turkey, salmon and maybe, after the boat is ready, tuna.

So, stick around, check back often, and feel free to leave polite comments. SPAM or rudeness, religion or politics WILL be deleted unread, un-warned, un-replied. This is my place to relax, not deal with other’s ideology or sales.